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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions about cottage holidays in Finland.

Tips for your holiday home vacation

Lomarengas Ltd offers more than 4,000 splendid holiday homes, making it easy to find just the one for you.

Finland is a lovely country offering plenty of unpolluted natural areas and lakes. But Finland is also a modern industrial country so that complete silence and the peace of the wilds may sometimes be hard to find. Consequently, some sounds from agriculture and traffis may be heard around rented cottages.

All our holiday homes are quality rated, making it easy to select the place answering your requirements.

Booking confirmation, route and payment

When you reserve a holiday home, we will send you a confirmation/invoice, together with written instructions for reaching the location and the owner's or caretaker's name and address.

How to pay? Does Lomarengas accept credit card?

Payment must be made as an SEPA payment (IBAN account number and BIC bank code). We accept credit card payment by VISA, Mastercard and American Express. For the payment by credit card, please ask for the payment link well in advance before the due date.

Check-in and check-out during a week-long stay

The check-in/check-out day during the high season is generally Saturday and the minimum stay is one week. With a week-long stay, the cottage will be available to you from 16, 17 or 18 o'clock on the day of your arrival until 10, 11 or 12 o'clock (noon) on the day of your departure (depending on the cottage). Please, check the correct times always in your booking documents.


The prices of holiday homes vary according to the time of year and type of cottage. For lake- or seashore cottages summer is the high season (weeks 25-32) and holidaying at these location is the cheapest in the spring and autumn. The most expensive time for the holiday homes at ski resort is generally the late winter to early spring period (weeks 8-17), Christmas and New Year.

Number of occupants

The maximum number of people using the holiday home must not exeed the number of sleeping places indicated in the description or what is agreed when making the reservation. If the description says 4+2 pers., for example, then the maximum number of persons (including all adults and children) is 6 persons (2 of the beds are e.g. a top bunk or a sofa bed or mattresses and are the most suitable for children). 

Notification of arrival time - essential to ensure a successful start!

You by yourself must notify the owner/caretaker of the holiday home of your time of arrival, either by phone or e-mail well in advance.

What is included in the price

The rental includes unrestricted use of the holiday home and sauna. Holiday homes have normal furnishings as well as crockery, eating and cooking utensils. Fuel, wood and electricity are also covered by the rental (if not otherwise mentioned). At lakeside cottages rowing boat is included in the price if it's mentioned in the description. If you are having your holiday early in spring or late in autumn and you wish to use the boat, please make sure in advance that it's available (in early spring  / late autumn the boat might be in winter storage).

The running hot and cold water mentioned in the cottage descriptions most often comes from a nearby well. The running water quality might not be as good as that of municipal (town) water. You often either fetch drinking water from the owner/caretaker by yourself or the owner brings drinking water to the cottage in canisters.

Many holiday homes also have a TV. Please, remember however, that there are no cable TV networks in the Finnish countryside and that the quality of picture may not be quite as good as in town.

What to take with you

Holiday homes have mattresses, pillows and blankets. You must bring sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases and towels. In many cases, bed linen can be rented through Lomarengas or from the caretaker (price from €10 per person); this will include sheets, duvet cover, pillowcase and hand and bath towels.

Please, notice that you always should use sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases in the beds. It might not be possible to rent them on spot, so please rent them in advance if you won't bring your own.

Washing up liquid, spices (pepper, salt, etc.), toilet paper and kitchen rolls are not included in the rental.


Did you know that you can enjoy your holiday to the full right up to the last day without having to clean the holiday home at the end of your stay? You can book the final cleaning either in advance from Lomarengas (price from €45) or from the owner at your holiday location.

If you book final cleaning or it's included in the price, you just need to wash the dishes, take the garbage out to the garbage bins and take empty bottles and beverage cans with you or collect them together for example in a plastic bag. If you have moved furniture, please put them in their original places. If you have rented bed linen, please leave them stacked on the top of the bed. Take the foodstuff you have brought with you or put them in a garbage bin.

However, if you wish to carry out the final cleaning by yourself, please remember at least the following rules: rugs or carpets should be vacuum-cleaned, the cottage should be vacuum-cleaned, floors should be wiped over with a damp mop, tables and surfaces should be wiped with a moist cloth, bed linen should be aired outdoors, crockery and cooking utensils should be washed, the sauna and WC should be cleaned and all waste should be taken to the collection point. The yard area and barbecue location must be left in a tidy condition. The departure cleaning should be performed in its entirety on the day of departure.


Almost all holiday homes have a sauna. For introduction to sweat baths see the website of The Finnish Sauna Society.

Fishing licences

All fishers aged 18–64 years have to pay a fishing management fee, except for angling with a hook and line, ice-fishing, and herring fishing with a rig, which are free of charge.

The fishing management fee entitles you to lure fishing using one rod, reel and lure in the whole of Finland, except Åland islands or areas where fishing is prohibited.
For other fishing methods and for fishing with more than one rod 18-64 year old fishers need to pay the fishing management fee as well as have permission by the water owner.

The fishing management fee is 47 euros for 1 year, 16 euros for 7 days and 6 euros for 1 day. You can pay the fee for example in or in R-kiosks all over in Finland.

Please, see the Guide for travelling anglers in the Land of a Thousand Lakes.

The caretaker is there to help you!

If, during your holiday, you discover something is missing or the service needs improving, do not hesitate to contact the caretaker, often the owner. Do not allow your holiday to be spoiled due to some fault of problem which your host will be able to put right immediately.

If the fault or problem is not properly attended to, you can call Lomarengas office, tel. +358 306 502 502. Open Mon-Fri at 8.30 am - 5 pm ans Saturdays at 10 am - 6 pm. In addition to our normal opening hours we will answer to our special service number +358 400 425 739 on certain days mentioned in our web sites. Please, check the code number of the cottage or the reservation number ready before you call.

Welcome to have an amazing Finnish cottage holiday!

If you have any questions, please contact us