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KRT – a Full-Service Enterprise

Since 1987.

We have built and further developed the very latest in holiday accommodation – the 1/6 share system – for over 27 years. Our offices are located in Tampere and Levi. Over these years we have accumulated a wealth of special experience and vision concerning holiday accommodation. We offer property owners the opportunity to join our system, which guarantees economic, safe and carefree holiday accommodation.

Founded in 1987, KRT-Companies Ltd is a multisector property expert specialising in holiday destinations in Lapland. KRT-Companies operates in the following sectors: real estate agency services; rental agency services; contracting; property maintenance and renovation/repair services; and property management services.

KRT-Companies Ltd accepts commissions for the sale of holiday homes in Lapland’s fells, and provides property management and accounting services for real estate companies. KRT-Rental & Service provides property owners and shareholders with comprehensive property maintenance services and a safe channel for renting any vacant weeks they don’t use themselves.

KRT-Rental & Service also serves shareholders by renting, for instance, cars, snowmobiles, bicycles and lift passes and by arranging programme activities, such as snowmobile safaris.

KRT-Companies Ltd is an expert in timeshare living. If needed, we will also build you an individual ‘cottage’ on a turnkey basis.

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Our Services

  • Selling of shares
  • Renting
  • Property maintenance and cleaning services
  • Property management and accounting
  • Building and renovation
  • Additional services